The FanDuel Fantasy Football Championship (FFFC) is Tomorrow!

I’m playing in a high stakes tournament in Las Vegas tomorrow, but it doesn’t involve poker. Tomorrow I play in a 100 person fantasy football tournament hosted by FanDuel at the Cosmopolitan called the FFFC. It’s the biggest fantasy football tournament in the world: the total prize pool is 7 million dollars, and 1st place pays 2 million dollars. In some ways (if there was a buyin, it would be $70,000) this is the biggest tournament, poker or otherwise, I’ve ever played.


I was fortunate enough to qualify for the FFFC in week 2 of the NFL season, winning one of two seats in a $25 qualifier. I’ve been waiting months for this tournament to come since then, so it feels pretty surreal that it’s finally here. I’m nervous and still am not totally sure who will be on my team, but I have some ideas. I’m especially excited about some of the sleepers I’m planning on using that I’m pretty certain almost no one else will have.


I’m hopeful that my picks are correct and I end up with a top 5 team, but even if I don’t, I consider my first year of Daily Fantasy pretty successful. I’ve made more money this year in Daily Fantasy than all but a few really good years in my poker career. It’s been more lucrative than I imagined, and I plan on putting even more time into next year. If you’re a poker player looking into getting something new, I recommend it.


If you want to follow my progress in the FFFC, this is a link to the leaderboard: My screen name is massimo09. The tournament only covers the morning and afternoon games, so it will be over by about 4:30 PST. I’ll be posting my lineup after the “lock” on twitter, so you won’t really have to check this leaderboard to know who to root for (or root against?). Wish me luck!

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